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Liv Carrow

Liv Carrow


04.11.16 Iowa City, IA - Governors Mansion w/ Hallowed Bells, REAL DOM, Trio Kind

04.17.16 Davenport, IA - Daytrotter w/ Pheobe Bridgers

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"Leaves" by Liv Carrow


07.08.14 Liv Carrow Pile of Needles Album Release

There's a 'V' of geese in the sky, there's a stream, and they're both talking. Maybe far away you can hear something else? A powerful, flowing voice describing a setting within that setting? A world within a world, Liv Carrow shows us around.

Pile of Needles is Liv's first album for Single Girl Married Girl (and one of the only recordings made at the label's now-defunct recording studio, The Thimble). Liv's voice and guitar follow each other, not unlike the geese in the gaggle or the stream along its path, in smooth turns or sharp bends as other things come and go. It's strong and varied and free and weird and special and comforting and we just really can't say enough nice things about it.

Liv Carrow Pile of Needles



Liv Carrow Pile of Needles

Liv Carrow
Pile of Needles (2014)
SGMG36 - Cassette Tape + CD

Groups of moments and feelings and places, perfectly rendered. A sharp voice cuts through each and makes you want to sing too. Fine-drawn songs, bare and powerful!

Cassette Tape: $6.00
CD: $8.00