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Potsherd Gold Meadow

Hermit Thrushes

Potsherd Gold Meadow

SGMG37 - 2014 - Cassette, Vinyl

Digging through this dirt in search of your bones or your tools, we have a little hope that you won't be completely forgotten. A jagged keyboard, the pounding of a drum. Recreated lives shimmer in the light in these songs of curiosity and unknown emotional provenance!

Available on vinyl from Least Records

Album art by Emily Royer

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1 Constantine

2 Hollow Light

3  Ivory Nothing

Purple Flower

No- Stone Wall

Too Green

When You Disappeared

It Was Here


10  Virginia

11  Late in the Room

12  Medicine Bow

13  Black Bricks

14  Remains

15  Broken Shell

16  Jewelry