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02.26.16 Potsherd Gold Meadow On Vinyl From Least Records

Hermit Thrushes' most recent album, Potsherd Gold Meadow, has just been released on Least Records, a short-run vinyl only label curated by Eric Slick of Dr. Dog and Jethro Waters.

You can stream the album in full from Impose Magazine and order it online from Least Records.

Hermit Thrushes Potsherd Gold Meadow


04.14.15 Harmon Butcher You're Sorry Zine Release

Exactly one year after the release of I'm Ready to Feel, we wish to announce yet another publication from that famous litero-visual duo, Harmon Butcher and Kate Ferencz. You're Sorry offers a third installment of proof that this pair is indeed the intellectual powerhouse that the Wall Streak Journal proclaims them to be.

Featuring lush single-color drawings or lush single-color text on nearly every page, this book is considered a must-have for aficionados. If you've ever wondered what it's like to have problems or if you've ever wondered what sad people think or if you've ever thought about life or punishment: this is the book for you.

softcover / 5.5" x 8.5" / 48 pages / color of cover may vary / $5.00

Harmon Butcher You're Sorry

Page samples (click to enlarge):

Front Cover Sample 1  


03.10.15 Kate Ferencz Dying Alone Cassette Release

Winter is a fine time. It's colder than normal, it's darker too. It's supposed to be that way. The plants and the animals all retreat to somewhere warmer so they can think about what they want to do in the new year. But they also have to think about all the stuff that has already happened, and a lot of it is really bad.

Dying Alone is the sixth album from Kate Ferencz. It's an album of introspection and yeah, it's actually mostly really dark. That's okay. Or it's better than okay because it's important to spend some time thinking about the difficult things.

Listen to "Godless" by Kate Ferencz from Dying Alone (right click to download)

Kate Ferencz Dying Alone


03.02.15 Music Video & Preview of Dying Alone by Kate Ferencz

This moment is exactly our favorite and most proper moment to announce that Kate Ferencz has a new album called Dying Alone. The release show will be this Saturday, March 7th at Magic Pictures in Philadelphia with Flyherder and Hallowed Bells.

Additionally, Kate created this amazing video for the song "Everything's Always Breaking" which we simply couldn't recommend more.

Even more additionally, Kate Ferencz and (an affiliate of) Harmon Butcher will be touring at the end of April in the northeastern portion of the United States. Parents, lock up your show-going offspring!


12.09.14 Snow Caps Don't Take Me Back Vinyl Release

The tape is hissing and cracking and recorded over for the tenth time. There are moments where the past can still be heard. We can pretend it's not there or we can think about what it means.

Don't Take Me Back is the third album from Snow Caps, the songwriting project of Andrew Keller (Hermit Thrushes, Jonagold). It's the first album recorded (mostly) with a full band and the most cohesive to date (which isn't good or bad... cohesion is simply a thing!). This is just an unstoppable record that is too sweet and too sincere to not listen to over and over again. Again, the cover art is provided by Emily Royer with additional art by Charlene Richards.

Listen to "Forest Parts" by Snow Caps from Don't Take Me Back (right click to download)


Don't Take Me Back by Snow Caps


10.07.14 Hermit Thrushes Potsherd Gold Meadow Release & Tour

You're back in the museum and every object brings you a dull pain. Is it fair? They're all trapped, taken from different worlds and different times and they're squeezed into the same NOW that you live in. They're speaking, all at once, into the future. But is there a way to speak back? Into the past?

Listen to "Ivory Nothing" by Hermit Thrushes from Potsherd Gold Meadow (right click to download)

Potsherd Gold Meadow, the fourth full-length album by Hermit Thrushes, is available now on cassette tape with accompanying artwork by longtime visual collaborator, Emily Royer. The album's mix of noises, field recordings, and proper songs (recorded with Dan Angel and James Ryskalchick at the Sex Dungeon in West Philadelphia) point towards that difficult and unknowable position we all occupy.


Potsherd Gold Meadow Cassette

Or, if you'd rather, each epoch need not be dissected. Is it not enough to bathe ourselves in colors and sounds? To drink the wine of Pleasure and forget the calendar of History?

Whatever your choice, Hermit Thrushes will be traveling around, sipping the wines with one eye on the calendar like so:

10.04.14 Philadelphia, PA - LAVA Space w/ Pinkwash, Pygmy Lush, Lead Pipe
10.07.14 Brooklyn, NY - Silent Barn w/ SoftSpot, Bellows
10.08.14 New Paltz, NY - Elting Library w/ Breakfast in Fur, Guilt Mountain
10.09.14 Burlington, VT - Speaking Volumes w/ Erasurehead
10.10.14 Montreal, QB - House Show - North of Jean Talon
10.11.14 Ottowa, ON - Pressed w/ Maica Mia, Black Hairgrease
10.12.14 Toronto, ON - Ratio w/ Clarinet Panic Deluxx, Slime
10.13.14 Kitchener, ON - The Yeti w/ Woodlouse
10.15.14 Hamtramck, MI - Kelly’s Bar w/ Caveman Woodman & Bam Bam Moss, Prude Boys
10.17.14 Chicago, IL - The Yards w/ Famous Laughs, Columba Fasciata, Melkbelly
10.18.14 Iowa City, IA - The Mill w/ Brooks Strause, The Multiple Cat, Crystal City
10.20.14 Denver, CO - Rhinoceropolis w/ Hair Cult, The Post-Paradise Nonet, The Folkpushers
10.21.14 Fort Collins, CO - Barn Bonfire w/ Sour Boy Bitter Girl, Justinedrugs
10.22.14 Salt Lake City, UT - Diabolical Records w/ Young Creatures, Magic Mint
10.23.14 Nampa, ID - Flying M Coffee Garage w/ Burn! Wooden Vale
10.24.14 Tacoma, WA - Half Pint Pizza w/ Humidity and Static, Reds
10.25.14 Seattle, WA - The Future w/ Blood Orphans, Curved Graves, Gar Pal, Pill Wonder
10.26.14 Olympia, WA - Le Voyeur w/ Skrill Meadow, Thunderwerld
10.29.14 San Francisco, CA - Turquoise Yantra Grotto w/ A Magic Whistle, Pet the Tiger
10.30.14 San Jose, CA - San Jose Rock Shop w/ Louis Wain and the Cats, Goliad, Bottom Cafe
11.01.14 Oakland, CA - Dirt w/ Snow Caps, Shaggy Sample, Little Teeth
11.02.14 Santa Barbara, CA - Funzone w/ Snow Caps, Daniel Francis Doyle, The Trashberries
11.03.14 Los Angeles, CA - Glitter Death w/ Snow Caps, Wawa, Charmaine's Names

09.06.14 Kickstarter for Snow Caps' Don't Take Me Back on Vinyl

Today we launched our first ever Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to release Don't Take Me Back, the third full-length album by Snow Caps, as a 12" vinyl LP. The goal we have set will cover a portion of the many costs involved in making this record: mastering, pressing, printing, artwork and design. We are offering the album itself as a reward as well as our vinyl re-issue of Baby Bird, Snow Caps t-shirts designed by Joanna Quigley, Single Girl Married Girl t-shirts featuring our logo by Emily Royer, and various items from our catalog. You can listen to the entire album streaming on the Snow Caps bandcamp page.

View our Kickstarter page here


07.08.14 Liv Carrow Pile of Needles Album Release

There's a 'V' of geese in the sky, there's a stream, and they're both talking. Maybe far away you can hear something else? A powerful, flowing voice describing a setting within that setting? A world within a world, Liv Carrow shows us around.

Pile of Needles is Liv's first album for Single Girl Married Girl (and one of the only recordings made at the label's now-defunct recording studio, The Thimble). Liv's voice and guitar follow each other, not unlike the geese in the gaggle or the stream along its path, in smooth turns or sharp bends as other things come and go. It's strong and varied and free and weird and special and comforting and we just really can't say enough nice things about it.

Listen to "Leaves" by Liv Carrow from Pile of Needles (right click to download)

Cassette Tape: $6.00
CD: $8.00

Liv Carrow Pile of Needles


04.15.14 Harmon Butcher I'm Ready To Feel Zine Release

After months of more-or-less careful planning and a few decisions, we are rightly prepared to announce the latest from Harmon Butcher. I'm Ready to Feel is a collection of remarkably adequate stories that the reader is conditionally guaranteed to find, at least, satisfactory! It's difficult to write about someone's writing so perhaps we'll leave it at this quote direct from Harmon Butcher: "Stop yelling. I'm not yelling."

And to tickle the eyeballs (not recommended), Butcher's world is once again fleshed out by the fantastic Kate Ferencz. Kate's splendid drawings lend sheen to the banal, cohesion to the meandering and inchoate, and a veneer of legitimacy for this otherwise illegitimate scoundrel. Buy it or not! No rush!

softcover / 5.5" x 8.5" / 64 pages / color of cover may vary / $5.00

I'm Ready to Feel by Harmon Butcher

Page samples (click to enlarge):

Front Cover Sample 1  

01.28.14 Idiot Forever Boi Boi Insane Cassette + Zine Release

The same weird mask from that dream is here but now it's nice. It's a comfort to see a familiar thing. And it's an excitement to see a familiar thing in a new way!

Boi Boi Insane is a cassette tape and zine by Idiot Forever, a project by Philadelphia artist Josh Mackie of Your Children Is Beautiful and GUNK. On the album and in the artwork, there is a steady process of recombination. There are instinctive creations and found objects, there are simple and intricate patterns overlaid. What I mean is, it's natural and beautiful. Like a cemetery or a parking lot. But also very different?

The first ten online orders of Boi Boi Insane will be rewarded with a free one-of-a-kind drawing by Josh Mackie!

Cassette Tape + Zine: $10.00

Idiot Forever Boi Bio Insane

To round out the communication of ideas covered with this release, Josh also made a 25-minute video to accompany the album! It has been called by several a "must-see!" The video was screened at the Boi Boi Insane release party at Big Mama's Cinematheque in North Philly on Friday, January 24th and can now be found here:


01.07.14 Actual Pearls Sadden Lip Broken Tear Cassette Release

Is that your friend coming towards us? Or is it a pile of broken computers? I know I had a dollar in my pocket to catch the bus but now it's just a handful of leaves and they are getting smaller and smaller. There's a marching band or an opera house or a warm breeze. Whatever it is, it's coming apart and the world looks different.

Sadden Lip Broken Tear is the first release from Actual Pearls, a solo project of Yianni Kourmadas (Hermit Thrushes). The songs are rather brief so to convince you there's something to this, here are MULTIPLE "singles." It's all about breaking conventions, ya know?

Listen to "Uco Horn" by Actual Pearls from Sadden Lip Broken Tear (right click to download)

Listen to "Keppler" by Actual Pearls from Sadden Lip Broken Tear (right click to download)

Listen to "Oh Trem Sa" by Actual Pearls from Sadden Lip Broken Tear (right click to download)


Sold Out!

Actual Pearls Sadden Lip Broken Tear


12.31.13 Preview of Boi Boi Insane by Idiot Forever

A chain-link fence topped with razor wire catches all the loose plastic bags. The wind blows them over to the fence and now they're caught on the fence. Now, there's a steel drum. We're in Trinidad. Now, there's some weird scratchy thing. We're in a junkyard.

Boi Boi Insane is the fantastic debut of Idiot Forever, the solo project Josh Mackie (Your Children Is Beautiful, GUNK), one of our favorite musicians and visual artists. Boi Boi Insane is both a cassette music album and a paper stapled zine. Here's a song from this album that we think is a very good one:

Listen to "Pretty Soon Pretty Sun" by Idiot Forever from Boi Boi Insane (right click to download)

And here are some images from the zine that are likely to pique your interest (click to enlarge):

Idiot Forever Boi Boi Insane  Idiot Forever Boi Boi Insane

Let's all hold our breath until January 28, the official release date!


12.07.13 Snow Caps Shirts For Sale
  The people have banded together, voices raised, and we have listened to their demands! Here we present to you the first ever Snow Caps shirts, designed by Joanna S. Quigley. To accomodate folks of all wardrobes, the shirt comes in both pink and blue and is guaranteed to match all of one's coolest clothes. Distinguish yourself from the rest of the animal kingdom with these stylish, 100% cotton shirts.
  Click to enlarge design:

Snow Caps Shirt Design Pink Snow Caps Shirt Design Blue

  Pink Shirt: $10.00


Blue Shirt: $10.00


11.19.13 Dean Cercone Juggling Hot Coals Cassette Release

The limbs are outstretched, the voices are reflected, the walls lend an echo. Here is Dean Cercone. The humming builds around him until, suddenly, a melody emerges. Texture or a smoke conceals and now, Juggling Hot Coals.

Juggling Hot Coals is Dean Cercone's most cohesive and powerful recording to date. Its entrancing sounds are now harnessed and available on cassette tape (with digital download). This is the follow-up to Dean's fantastic, out-of-print split with Skinless Boneless and his rare 20010 LP. Copies are limited!


Dean Cercone Juggling Hot Coals


11.02.13 Hermit Thrushes November Tour

Yes, it's that special season where touring seems like a fine idea! And so, without much cause other than that of selfish determination to travel, share, and improve, we find our flagship band Hermit Thrushes visiting some places that some people love best! For anyone keeping track, if one were to segment the year 2013 into two equal parts, this would roughly mirror the February tour but... it'd be bigger/longer? Fun house mirror?

Be sure to spare no expense in visiting these venues on these particular dates:

  11.04.13 Pittsburgh, PA - 233 Romeo St. w/
Adult Field Trip, Jim Price
11.05.13 Chicago, IL - Burlington Bar w/ Clearance,
Small Wonder
11.06.13 Chicago, IL - Rebirth Gallery w/
Daniel Wyche,Troy Schafer,
comedy by Party Steve!
11.07.13 Chicago, IL - Cafe Mustache w/
Katrina Stonehart, ADT, Greg Canario
11.08.13 Kalamazoo, MI - Rupert's Brew Pub w/
Forget the Times, Anybody but the Cops
11.09.13 Toronto, ON - Feast in the East 31 at
Gerrard Art Space w/ Saturns, Mannerisms
11.11.13 Alfred, NY - Turner Galley, Alfred University
w/ Kelley Donahue, Hannah Weidner
11.12.13 Troy, NY - 51 3rd St. w/
Jason Martin Electrical
11.13.13 Hudson, NY - The Half Moon w/ Liv Carrow
11.14.13 Marlboro, VT - Marlboro College w/
The Great Valley
11.15.13 Worcester, MA - The Firehouse w/ Uh Huh
11.16.13 Brooklyn, NY - Juggling Hot Coals Cassette
Release at Bohemian Grove w/
Dean Cercone, Lord Fascinator, Nic Lawless
11.17.13 Philadelphia, PA - The Big Pink w/ Madonno,
Breakfast in Fur, Hundreds and Thousands
  Hermit Thrushes November 2013


10.28.13 Preview of Juggling Hot Coals by Dean Cercone

Our relationship with musician and visual artist Dean Cercone began nearly two years ago when we released the fantastic Dean Cercone / Skinless Boneless split cassette tape. At that time it seemed written in the stars that we would be presented with an equally fantastic full-length album from Dean someday. Let us fall further down the well! Paraphrase: Someday is Now! Paraphrase: Juggling Hot Coals is Dean Cercone's fine-tuned restatement of themes and images; a new album that further develops his intense, personal language and allows room to reinterpret his previous music. How can you say no to progress and perspective?

Juggling Hot Coals will be released on November 19th and we really couldn't be happier. Peep this track for more info:

Listen to "Reflection of You" by Dean Cercone from Juggling Hot Coals (right click to download)

Dean Cercone Juggling Hot Coals


10.01.13 Evil Sword More Witches Cassette + Art Book Release

We have been marching through these woods for long enough and -- was that a branch cracking underfoot or old bones? It's getting too dark to see. It's getting too cold to move. Do we dare trust these mysterious guides?

They are called Evil Sword. The document, More Witches: a 10-song album in the form of a C25 cassette tape and a (roughly) cassette-sized art book. The songs are nothing short of shocking, fantastical, and bizarre. The images in the book are culled from the darkest recesses of the strange and arcane.


Sold Out!

Evil Sword More Witches

Evil Sword More Witches


The hesitant few are in need of reassurance. Evil Sword is comprised of Kate Ferencz, Ben Furgal, Andrew Maher and Yianni Kourmadas (Hermit Thrushes). The recordings include musical visitations (that is, vocal performances) from Scott Churchman, Andrew Keller (Snow Caps), and Amalia Wilson. The cover of More Witches features our generation's most powerful witch (and a poet of great import and wisdom), CAConrad.

Perhaps this video from our Zine Winter release party will soothe your worried mind.

To prove that their powers are true and ungovernable and dark, Evil Sword will be marking the trees with blood in these fair cities:


10.02.13 New York, NY - The Chris Gerthard Show
10.03.13 New York, NY - Cake Shop w/ Mindtroll
10.04.13 Jersey City, NJ - Beastin' the Airwaves on WFMU
10.04.13 Bronx, NY - Teh Olive Garden
10.05.13 Troy, NY - 51 3rd
10.09.13 Worchester MA - Distant Castle

10.10.13 Boston, MA
10.11.13 Providence, RI - Spark City
10.12.13 Philadelphia, PA - Magic Pictures
10.18.13 Baltimore, MD - The Crown
10.19.13 Washington, DC - Doll House
11.21.13 Philadelphia, PA - Vox Populi Aux Space



09.09.13 Preview of More Witches By Evil Sword

The wind howls a tune that is quite frightening. Autumn is the time of rust. And so it is that Evil Sword returns to us. They bring news from over the horizon of time, they bring suffering from beyond the grave. They bring their first full-length album, More Witches, as well as a companion art book -- a combination assured to thrill and horrify the auditory and visual senses alike!

More Witches will be released on October 1st, 2013 and is now available for pre-order. You may anticipate the witching hour with the following uncanny sounds and images.

Listen to "The Golden Toad" by Evil Sword from More Witches (right click to download)

Art book page samples (click to enlarge):


Evil Sword More Witches


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