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Divine Creature


Divine Creature

SGMG43 - 2017 - Cassette

A cold silhouette keeps its place in the window above. Possibly to watch? A wrong note is struck again and again so maybe it's right. Inside, the dancing has stopped so the drums can tumble for a time. The streetlight makes big angles all over the ground and the piles of leaves look exactly like hungry dogs. How did we even get here!

Album art by Anina Ivry-Block

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1.  She Eyed Him

2.  Brainstream

3.  Formulating Doom

4.  Dime Star

5.  Help Me Get Out of Here

6.  Back of an Eye

7.  Walking on the Street

8.  Lightning Mud

9.  I Like to Be...

10.  Alone!

11.  Colored Growing

12.  Hog Farm

13.  The Signal

14.  Party Song

15.  Do What She Says