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Don't Take Me Back

Snow Caps

Don't Take Me Back

SGMG38 - 2014 - 12" Vinyl LP

Moments and feelings traced out with deep sensitivity and humility. Plucking of a harp, breath across a reed, the drums hit just beyond the ear and now just feel like a pulse. As the sun sets there is a glow in these songs and they smolder with a quiet intensity that defies explanation. Come sit with us!

Album art by Emily Royer and Charlene Richards

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1. Precious Shadows

2. Hurt Corner

3. This is a Slope

4. Forest Parts

5. Cicatrix

6. Temporary Fiction

7. Heliotrope

8. Far Cry

9. Tethered

10. Whisper Doll

11. Make It Sing

12. Do Not Disturb Time

13. Almost Alone