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Little Teeth / Snow Caps

Little Teeth
Snow Caps

Little Teeth / Snow Caps

SGMG48 - 2018 - Cassette

We are lost in the blankets. There are so many layers! Each one a different texture, each one keeping us warm, offering protection. From the center of the pile, we can hear a banjo and voices. We can hear sour notes turn sweet.

Little Teeth return with three gorgeously nuanced recordings and Snow Caps expand their unique world of harmony and melody. Every lyric seems equally important and true. Every note, a pleasure to hear and absorb! Let us stay in the bed and just LISTEN.

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Little Teeth

1. Recipe

2. Impossible

3. Walls Into Ways


Snow Caps

1. Fake the Air

2. Stubborn Lock

3. Uncharted

4. The Red Deeps